JANUARY 13, 2022
Creation of new agoras

We have made the creation of new agoras much easier in this version, two clicks are enough from the Agora selector to find yourself in your new sharing space. We've also improved the experience for topics with many scheduled sessions.

NOVEMBER 17, 2021
Administration of agoras

The administrators of agoras can now define a default category, content or event, on their formats in order to guide the authors of subjects in their proposal. This release also fixes a few bugs.

NOVEMBER 12, 2021
Past sessions

Past sessions from a subject are now more easily accessible. We have also made some improvements for administrators of an agora.

NOVEMBER 03, 2021

We have improved the ergonomics of the session list with additional filters to more easily navigate to its information from the profile page.

OCTOBER 28, 2021

In this version of Skillagora you now have additional search criteria to help you find the subject that suits you: filter by author, by format, or by subject category. We have also given administrators the possibility of restricting the audience of knowledge sharing slots to personalize these rituals as close as possible to your organization. Finally we redesigned the session detail page to make it look like a real ticket.

OCTOBER 15, 2021

A small diagram is better than a long speech? In this new version of Skillagora you can now include images in the description of your subjects to illustrate your content, to be used without moderation (but with a limit of 5MB on an image 😉 ). We've redesigned the topic creation experience to allow you to prepare them without posting them immediately. We also fixed some bugs and improved feedback.

SEPTEMBRE 27, 2021
Replays, navigation, Youtube and Google slides

Many new features in this version with better highlighting of content that can be viewed independently, improved navigation with the Replays & Events distinction. Additionally, SkillAgora now interprets Youtube and Google Slides links to integrate visualization. We have also improved the management of session feedback, find the topics waiting for your feedback in your profile page!

JULY 26, 2021
Navigation improvements

We have focused this new version on bug fixes and navigation improvements. It is now possible to like a comment.

JUNE 25, 2021
Restyled graphic chart, Comments, and Collaborative monitoring

A beautiful version awaits you at the beginning of summer!

Skillagora gets a makeover with a restyled graphic chart

You can now leave comments on topics to interact with your peers through the app

Last but not least, Skillagora is open to collaborative monitoring. You can now indicate whether your topic is self-viewable content for your colleagues and format its description. A dedicated carousel lists this content on your homepage

MAY 31, 2021
Resource links

With this new version of Skillagora you can now indicate resource links to distribute to participants before a session: preparatory material, presentation materials, recommended reading, ... . We have also created a dedicated page for the session for the occasion, find it by clicking on a ticket!