AUGUST 31, 2023
Comment section redesign

In this version, we made some graphical changes in the subject comments to improve your experience on web and mobile.

AUGUST 22, 2023
My list

It's heating up at Skillagora. While summer temperatures are warming, features are on fire ! A new section My List appeared on your profile for you to add interesting subjects to review later. A new filter is available to look for subjects of type Call for proposal. At last, a notification will be sent when a comment is added.

JULY 24, 2023

Holidays are here, and we have some surprises for you under the beach umbrella! Get a tan with good company using Quick Talk! With just one click on a name, start sunny discussions with the authors of a topic or the participants of sessions. No need to rack your brains, just relax and chat with the community. Supporting a topic? Now receive sun-kissed notifications whenever a session is created. And that’s not all! Be alerted if someone takes up your contribution. Stay alert, even while lying on your towel. Enjoy the sun and the new features under the palm trees of Skillagora.

JUNE 23, 2023
Filter for groups

In this version, we have improved the search functionality on the web app with a new filter for groups. This filter will be soon available on mobile, together with a new experience for selecting search criteria. Additionally, we have increased the character limit for topic titles.

JUNE 8, 2023
Your favorite themes at your fingertips

It is now possible to indicate whether you will participate remotely or physically to a session with your mobile app. On the web, find your favorite themes directly on the right menu, just below the groups.

MAY 25, 2023
Hybrid work

This version integrates hybrid work more seamlessly into sessions: you can now indicate whether you are participating in-person or remotely in your sessions. The feature will soon be available on mobile as well. We have also fixed some bugs. Administrators also have access to a dashboard displaying Agora's usage statistics.

MAY 4, 2023
Long live edition freedom

Long live editing freedom! Administrators can now open the editing of a topic to all members of Agora. Do you like this feature? Soon, it will be possible to select this property directly in the app. We have also made some changes to the session detail screen and fixed a few bugs.

APRIL 17, 2023
Public invitation link

We now give administrators of Agora the ability to create a permanent and publicly shareable invitation link to facilitate the addition of new members. It is now possible to search for time slots by their name when creating a session, and we have improved the link integration in a topic on mobile.

APRIL 3, 2023
Replay with session and on mobile

Take advantage of your commuting moments to integrate a replay of your session, you can now use the mobile app to do so. You can also indicate the session during which the replay was recorded to let your readers know more about the source and participants. We also improved the topic creation on hyperlink integration.

MARCH 16, 2023

Relive the meetings of your Agora with the new Replay feature: integrate a link as a Replay and let the participants and supports of your topic be notified. Spot easily the topics with Replay in the search results. A release Marty wouldn't deny, Great Scott! We also improved the topics edition with automatic fetching of hyperlink informations, and fixed some bugs.

FEBRUARY 20, 2023
Add participants to your session

Off with the masks with this new version! Session hosts can now manage the participants' list to register members of their agora before, during, or after their session. Happy carnival nonetheless.

FEBRUARY 6, 2023
Slot with link and place

Whether you're a fan of crêpes or galettes, you're going to love this new version. We have improved the YouTube video integration experience. Simply copy/paste a link and choose how you want to display your video. We have also added the option to set a video conference link and room for a specific time slot, so session creators don't have to do it themselves if they choose that slot. Lastly, administrators can download attendance sheets for a session in PDF or Xlsx format.

JANUARY 12, 2023
King's cake

We focused this new version on bug fixes. In doing so, we probably indulged in too much King's cake (some even had galette).

JANUARY 5, 2023
Automated content categorization

In this first version of 2023, you no longer have to indicate whether your subject includes content to watch independently, we do it for you based on your attachments! We wish you our best wishes for this new year!!

DECEMBER 28, 2022
English spoken

A new version between Christmas and New Year, that’s the way we are! To start well 2023, Skillagora now speaks english! You can also create a session on a past schedule: that’s quite handy for your regular meetings when the agenda to be discused is decided during the session itself! Stay tuned. New changes to come soon!

NOVEMBER 9, 2022
Too many chocolatines

We fixed bugs, improved performance and stability and probably ate too many chocolatines.

OCTOBER 26, 2022
Add a topic in a group

In this version you can directly add a topic in a group directly from the Topics button. We also added some administration features including the option to directly add a participant to a session.

OCTOBER 19, 2022
Too many chocolatines

We fixed bugs, improved performance and stability and probably ate too many chocolatines.

OCTOBER 12, 2022
All the sessions available from the admin board

A lot of bug corrections in this version and the possibility to modify your feedback. Let’s say you let a mistake or you change your mind on the number of stars you want to give. Admins can now see the detailed off all past and future sessions.

OCTOBER 5, 2022
Reminder of session start

You will never miss again a session your registered to thanks to this new feature. We remind you automatically of all the sessions you wanted to attend. Another cool feature is the zoom in on Topic pictures. Much more confortable.

SEPTEMBRE 22, 2022
No more Appreciated topics feed

In this new version, we decided to stop showing the carroussel of the appreciated topics if the activity is to low.

SEPTEMBRE 22, 2022
Account Deletion

You can now delete your account with the link on your member page. Of course, we’ll be sad to see you go away but hey, we respect your decision. Do not hesitate to explain the reason by dropping a line to

Miro integration

Big big news. We’re so happy to announce we now integrate, embed a Miro board inside your topic in this beautiful version. It’s now easy to share the summary of the meeting through a beautiful Miro board (love this tool). The agora members can see it without logging to Miro. Also, a new group appeared on the left side bar : the General group. It works like the general group from Slack. You can find here all the main elements from the agora: topics, sessions to come, slots etc… And last feature, we made the “available slot” notification customizable from the admin board.

AUGUST 24, 2022
Groups for everbody

Crazy version coming! Audiences are now named Groups. And they are now visible from everybody. Groups have their own page and can be edited more eadily. The web et mobile versions are more ergonomic. You can browse the available groups, join or leave them easily. You can now upload a PDF into a Topic and see it without downloading it. Authors can now check the number of vues from their shared topics. You can also search by author and see all the content he created.

JULY 13, 2022
IOS version available on the Appstore

Skillagora is now officially available on the App Store. In this version you can now see how many times a topic has been seen.

JUNE 20, 2022
Front-end technical upgrade

We spent a lot of time to reconsider our web & mobile architecture. In this version, we positioned the formats carroussel directly on the homepage to give you a better visibility. You can share topics in many different formats, enjoy!

JANUARY 13, 2022
Creation of new agoras

We have made the creation of new agoras much easier in this version, two clicks are enough from the Agora selector to find yourself in your new sharing space. We've also improved the experience for topics with many scheduled sessions.

NOVEMBER 17, 2021
Administration of agoras

The administrators of agoras can now define a default category, content or event, on their formats in order to guide the authors of subjects in their proposal. This release also fixes a few bugs.

NOVEMBER 12, 2021
Past sessions

Past sessions from a subject are now more easily accessible. We have also made some improvements for administrators of an agora.

NOVEMBER 03, 2021

We have improved the ergonomics of the session list with additional filters to more easily navigate to its information from the profile page.

OCTOBER 28, 2021

In this version of Skillagora you now have additional search criteria to help you find the subject that suits you: filter by author, by format, or by subject category. We have also given administrators the possibility of restricting the audience of knowledge sharing slots to personalize these rituals as close as possible to your organization. Finally we redesigned the session detail page to make it look like a real ticket.

OCTOBER 15, 2021

A small diagram is better than a long speech? In this new version of Skillagora you can now include images in the description of your subjects to illustrate your content, to be used without moderation (but with a limit of 5MB on an image 😉 ). We've redesigned the topic creation experience to allow you to prepare them without posting them immediately. We also fixed some bugs and improved feedback.

SEPTEMBRE 27, 2021
Replays, navigation, Youtube and Google slides

Many new features in this version with better highlighting of content that can be viewed independently, improved navigation with the Replays & Events distinction. Additionally, SkillAgora now interprets Youtube and Google Slides links to integrate visualization. We have also improved the management of session feedback, find the topics waiting for your feedback in your profile page!

JULY 26, 2021
Navigation improvements

We have focused this new version on bug fixes and navigation improvements. It is now possible to like a comment.

JUNE 25, 2021
Restyled graphic chart, Comments, and Collaborative monitoring

A beautiful version awaits you at the beginning of summer!

Skillagora gets a makeover with a restyled graphic chart

You can now leave comments on topics to interact with your peers through the app

Last but not least, Skillagora is open to collaborative monitoring. You can now indicate whether your topic is self-viewable content for your colleagues and format its description. A dedicated carousel lists this content on your homepage

MAY 31, 2021
Resource links

With this new version of Skillagora you can now indicate resource links to distribute to participants before a session: preparatory material, presentation materials, recommended reading, ... . We have also created a dedicated page for the session for the occasion, find it by clicking on a ticket!